Academics at APIS

As a college preparatory institution, APIS strives for academic excellence. It is our goal to provide our students with skills and knowledge necessary to succeed at top universities in the United States and around the world and success in the 21st Century workplace. The goal of curriculum design at APIS is to improve student learning by using current teaching methodologies based on the latest educational research. The backbone of achieving the vision is a coherent, comprehensive, and spiral curriculum based on standards and benchmarks, coupled with the very best instructional practices.

The elementary program for day students opens Fall 2017. This project-based Elementary School serving students in Pre-K through fourth grade will complement our grade five through twelve program. Small, multi-age classes will focus on experiential learning grounded in the social-emotional development of each child as an individual and as a member of a community. Students will engage with nature and explore the human community as they develop a strong academic and emotional foundation. We are designing this comprehensive elementary program with the same pioneering, 21st century oriented spirit that has now flourished in our middle and high school.

The Middle School curriculum addresses the intellectual, physical, and social growth that defines the early adolescent years. While maintaining strong, specifically focused times for the development of mathematics and literacy skills, an extended time is allotted daily for multi-disciplinary, project-based instruction in Science, Social Studies, and English Language Arts. Instructional practice is aimed at promoting academic rigor and excellence while accommodating students with diverse talents and levels of maturity, and connecting learning to life outside the classroom.

In our High School academic program, our goal is to prepare our graduates to become confident, independent scholars who are enthusiastic learners with a passion for knowledge and the skills to compete and succeed in the 21st Century workplace. We place a particular emphasis in humanities in our curriculum, focusing on developing analytical minds and effective verbal and written communication skills. We expect and require consistent hard work by all students as a fundamental skill leading to growth and success. We also offer a variety of courses in Advanced Placement. Students apply their learning to address real world problems, and strive to develop an ethic of service in the pursuit of improving not only themselves, but making a difference in the world around them.