Advanced Orchestra is designed for students who wish to explore string orchestra music in depth. Emphasis is placed on advanced playing techniques and terminology. Students will study and/or perform a wide variety of musical styles and periods through listening, playing, and composition. They will become familiar with various elements of music such as rhythm, melody, harmony, texture, and timbre. They will study different forms and styles used in diverse genres and cultures, and will learn to identify, define and use standard notational symbols. Emphasis will be placed on extending the playing range and expanding the musical vocabulary. The students will get experience playing alone and with others, and they will be able to define and interpret tempo, dynamic, and articulation markings. We will be building techniques such as intonation, vibrato, balanced ensemble, stage presence and musical expression for orchestra, as well as various bowing styles, tuning, and shifting positions for string players. Students will perform at the school concerts, and we will have playing tests on assigned scales and music.

  Advanced Band is an ensemble committed to performing a high level of standard band repertoire. All the selected works studied and performed, concepts learned, and techniques developed, will enhance the students’ overall musicianship and appreciation for music. HS Band students have the opportunity to audition for the AMIS International Honor Band, the Korea National Honor Band, and to participate in the Solo & Ensemble Music Festival. HS Band is available for any student who has played a woodwind, brass, or percussion instrument for at least one to two years.

  Advanced Chorus – The focus of the choral program is to provide training in group vocal technique and music literacy. This ensemble explores choral music from a wide variety of cultures and time periods. Students will maximize their singing potential through proper breath control and precise diction for vowels and consonants. Participation and enthusiasm are key elements. HS Choir students perform at various festivals and concerts throughout the year and have the opportunity to audition for the AMIS International Honor Choir, the Korea National Honor Choir, and the KIMEA Solo and Ensemble Music Festival.

  AP Music Theory is designed to develop musical skills that will lead to a thorough understanding of music theory, aural skills including dictation and sight-singing, and basic composition. The AP Music Theory class is recommended for students who have a strong interest in music and can already demonstrate the ability to read and write musical notation. It is also assumed that the student has acquired (or is acquiring) performance skills on an instrument or vocally. Examples of the material covered in the course involve dictation and other listening skills, sight-singing, music terminology, musical analysis, basic composition, chord structure and harmony, and other areas of music theory. This class will help any student become a better musician with a higher understanding of the musical art.