Middle School

APIS middle school education takes into consideration the special developmental needs of early adolescence. At this phase in life, students are growing in independence and self-direction; searching for meaning and relevance; and building a sense of self and relationships.

Multi-disciplinary units of inquiry create a challenging, student-centered learning environment with multiple instructional approaches and varied assessment techniques. Included in the curriculum are big ideas that elevate the theme to much broader, abstract, conceptual thinking.

Core Values

  • Commitment: Students and Teachers who are committed to the process of learning and personal growth
  • Growth: Students and teachers who embrace growth mindsets and view challenges and failures as opportunities to improve learning and skills
  • Relationships: Relationship deeply influences the hopefulness required to remain curious and open to new experiences, and the capacity to see connections and discover meanings

Educational Approach and Philosophy

  • Small, multi-aged classes focused on strong academic skills through multi-disciplinary, experiential, project based learning
  • Warm, family environment in which students cultivate empathy, self-control, social awareness, integrity, and grit in a safe, supportive community
  • Readers and writers workshop approach used to develop strong literacy skills
  • Rigorous mathematics balancing procedural fluency, deep conceptual understanding, problem solving, and adaptive reasoning and application
  • Weekly time set aside for passion-based, student selected learning activities (Lifelong Learner Time)


  • Flexible learning spaces, well equipped with the tools and furnishings to support collaborative learning
  • Access to a wide variety of outdoor learning labs in agricultural and environmental sciences
  • Well-resources with the tools and technology necessary for 21st century learning
  • Numerous resources and facilities promoting active lifestyles, including a 25 meter swimming pool, sports courts & fields, hiking trails, etc.
  • Regularly scheduled fieldtrips making the Island an extension of our campus

Daily Routine and Hours

  • School day: 8:30 A.M. – 4:30 P.M., Monday – Friday
  • After school programming available 4:15 A.M. – 6:00 P.M. (extra fees may apply depending on program selected)
  • APIS remains flexible with families needing to take their child from school for important family events or travels

Class and Teaching Structure

  • Multi-disciplinary, project-based blocks provide extended time for students to pursue deeper learning
  • Designated Mathematics and Writer’s Workshop times to ensure strong literacy and numeracy skills
  • Focused instruction in visual and performing arts and creative design to develop right-brain thinking skills
  • Small class sizes taught by collaborative teaching teams

During the time in the middle school, your child will

  • Build confidence in managing their own learning
  • Learn by doing, connecting the classroom to the larger world
  • Thrive in a positive school culture where they are engaged and motivated to excel
  • Develop an understanding of global challenges and a commitment to act as responsible citizens
  • Continue to develop the necessary skills to be leaders bridging the gap between the East and West