Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees (2019-2020)

  • Application Processing Fee (non-refundable): $50 for Domestic (U.S. Citizen) applicant / $100 for International applicant
  • Annual Registration Fee (non-refundable) : $400 for International student only
Tuition Fees International and Domestic Residents Hawaii Residents*
Elementary School (Grade pre-K, K-4) $23,300 $16,200
Middle School (Grade 5-8) $26,200 $19,100
High School (Grade 9-12) $29,200 $20,200
*Applicable to eligible Hawaii resident families who submit their most recent​ ​N-11 Hawaii State Tax Return
Please note that students who enroll during the second semester are subject to an amended tuition fee schedule.


Boarding Fees
5 Days Boarding $17,100
7 Days Boarding $19,500


Other Fees
EAL/ Learning Center
*Applies only to those students who require these specialized services.
Activity Fee $1,000
Boarding Deposit $300
Health Insurance (required unless proof of appropriate health insurance coverage is submitted) $1,270
Secondary School Inter-island Camping Trip (9/3 – 9/6) $150
Optional: Secondary School Washington DC Trip (10/4-10/9) $3,000
Optional: Middle School New Pacific Century Academy in Seoul, Korea (3/18-3/27) $1,000 (or $300 plus own flight)

Tuition Payment Options

Option 1: Payment in Full Plan
With this option, all tuition and fees must be paid within two weeks of the student’s acceptance date in order to secure the student’s enrollment at APIS.

Option 2: Semester Payment Plan
With this option, tuition and boarding fees may be paid in semester installments. The first installment payment is due within two weeks of the student’s acceptance date in order to secure the student’s enrollment at APIS. The semester installment payments are subject to an additional 5% service fee and they are non-refundable.

Purchase of Laptop/Tablet PC (required for all middle school & high school students)

APIS Hawaii campus’ middle and high school students are required to purchase their own laptop/tablet computers. We recommend at minimum 4GB of RAM, 250 GB hard drive (or SSD) and built-in webcam.

School Uniform (Required)

Students must purchase the APIS Hawaii uniforms and campus attire for boarding students through the school store.

Late Fees

Late fees will be charged for any payment balances remaining after the invoiced due date.
1-15 Business day:  5%
16-30 Business days:  10%
31+Business days:  15%


Tuition and fees are not refundable. It is understood that students are enrolled for the entire school year or such portion as may remain after the date of entrance.