Major Dates and Deadlines
Please remember to register for the exams as soon as you know you will be taking them. If you miss the registration deadline for both the SAT and the ACT you may register for standby status. The deadline for standby is typically 2 weeks prior to the testing date. If you register for standby but are not able to be accommodated on the day of testing you will receive a full refund for your registration.

  • Registration deadlines for SAT/SAT II Subject Tests: (CEEB# 682222)
    See www.collegeboard.com
  • Registration deadline for ACT:
    See www.actstudent.org
  • Suggested deadline to send official SAT/ACT scores to colleges using College Board website:
    If you apply early First week of October (exact date TBA)
    If you apply regular First week of December (exact date TBA)
  • Asking teachers for recommendation letters (Green Sheet):
    For EA, ED, or priority applications September (exact date TBA)
    For regular decision applications October (exact date TBA)
  • California State University
    California State University application priority filing period October 1 – November 30
  • University of California
    University of California application filing period November 1 – November 30
  • Final College Application List (Pink Sheet):
    If you apply early/priority/rolling Early to Mid-October (exact date TBA)
    If you apply regular Early November (exact date TBA)