Teaching at APIS

The number one reason faculty members join APIS begins with our unique mission and vision. Our mission of educating the future leaders of the New Pacific Century commits all of us here at APIS to a truly global education that sets us apart from other typical international schools. Moreover, we are firm believers in the saying that ‘the quality of an educational institution cannot exceed the quality of its teachers.’ Despite its short history, APIS has achieved enormous success because we have attracted first-rate educators who are passionate about our mission and vision.

At APIS we look for educators who demonstrate an exceptional ability to:

  • Effectively apply the most up-to-date, research–based skills and strategies to address the needs of diverse learners and hold oneself accountable for student learning.
  • Collaborate positively with all members (colleagues, students, parents, leaders) of the school community.
  • Meet the learning needs of non-native speakers of English in the mainstream classroom.
  • Skillfully deliver a standards-based curriculum and positively contribute to the curriculum review/mapping process.
  • Use data appropriately to guide and differentiate instruction.
  • Apply best practices in assessment to improve learning and teaching.
  • Use and integrate technology in instruction to promote a digital-age learning culture.
  • Exercise humor and flexibility.

APIS and Its Christian Identity

By purposeful design, both Christian and non-Christian teachers are brought together at APIS to deliver on its unique mission. Our aim is to hire teachers who are best trained (i.e. having the right expertise and skill) in their respective subject areas. The importance of Christianity at APIS means that we will also actively seek to hire Christian educators who can help maintain and support our Christian identity and its educational programs.

While APIS has a clear commitment to maintain an atmosphere where all members respect the personal convictions of others, prospective APIS teachers must realize they are considering a position at a Christian school with a unique educational philosophy and respect its Christian norms and practices to support the school’s mission.

We offer…

  • Competitive financial packages, commensurate with skill and knowledge.
  • Excellent support for academic resources (e.g. all classrooms equipped with the most up-to-date tech tools, high-speed wireless internet access, and ample classroom resources).
  • Support and funding for professional development and enrichment opportunities,
    including a mentoring program within the school.
  • A dynamic and rigorous school environment with a distinct educational mission and philosophy.