Reading Counts


Reading Counts

Scholastic Reading Counts is a reading management system available to all APIS students. Through this program children’s literature is combined with computer software to test the child’s comprehension of the story.

We have over 3,000 Scholastic Reading Counts books for the students to choose from.

Classroom teachers can take into account current themes and individual interests when suggesting titles that are available in our library.

How does the program work ?

  • The student chooses a book within his/her range either from classroom or the library.
  • The student reads the story
  • The student takes a computerized quiz in the school to test their comprehension.
  • If the student misses any questions, the computer will show them which questions they missed.
  • The student may then choose another book to try, but should book for books that are at a lower reading level than the one with which they had difficulty, but should still be within their range.