Useful Links The worldwide search engine
All academic The guide to free academic resources on-line The Global Language Resource. A table of approximately 400 dictionaries in 130 languages is available
Lycos Search Engine and Web Directory. Extensive coverage of the Web
Google Scholar A fast and efficient search engine dedicated to scholar matters
Google News Archives Search Make it possible for users to read about historical events as they happened
Yahoo Web Directory A fast, and powerful search engine. Allows to choose categories of sites to be searched, such as music, multimedia or news
Beaucoup Versatile search engine. Allows to choose the type of searcher needed

Ditto A search engine for graphics and images
Proteus Image Search Searches several graphic databases on the web
Image Finder Search the image collections of the Library of Congress and several other libraries and institutions Search for art images, biographies, and information about selected art topic

ScienceDirect Full-text scientific database offering journal articles and book chapters.

Kidzsearch KidzSearch is an exclusive search engine designed for your kids.
KidsClick A guide to valuable and age-appropriate sites
Kids Health Information about health, behavior, and development from before birth though the teen years
Ivys Search Tools for Kids Access to about 80 engines organized by type of engine

Search Engine for Educators Searches on-line resources for teachers
SearchEdu This search engine specializes in searching education websites. It also has links to its other specialized searchers focused on books, government and military sites