APIS strives for excellence in teaching:

  • To ensure measurable, standard-based student performances and achievements by implementing a cutting-edge curriculum and research-based instructional strategies.
  • To assemble a superb group of educators, who are not only excellent teachers but also accomplished individuals serving as role models.
  • To provide a Christ-centered, loving, and caring community that promotes students’ creativity and passion for learning.
Searching APIS Faculty
  • William Brown
    Humanities, Physical Education
    B.S. Kansas State University
    Mr. Brown grew up in Kansas and received his bachelor's degree in secondary education with an emphasis in social studies. He taught in rural Kansas, working in a diverse classroom with many non-native English speaking students. He later joined Pearson’s Connections Academy as the grades 7 to 12 social studies teacher for their virtual school. This experience allowed him to embrace technology to help deliver engaging lessons for diverse students. Mr. Brown strongly believes that historical context can help students understand the present complexities of the world as well as help prepare them for the future. Outside of the classroom, Mr. Brown enjoys hiking, traveling, basketball, reading, and spending time with his friends and family.