APIS offers a rigorous, international curriculum with an added emphasis on the East Asian culture and civilization to help our students gain the competitive edge necessary to take on the challenges of the New Pacific Century. Hence, at APIS, our foreign language emphasis is currently on three major East Asian languages: Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

The Foreign Language Program

At APIS, students in all grade levels take part in the foreign language program, which includes language arts, history, and culture. APIS has a fully articulated foreign language program that starts from the kindergarten level and extends all the way to grade 12. According to research, learning another language, especially if it is begun at an early age, further develops the higher-order critical thinking skills, therefore positively impacting academic performance in other subject areas as well. Moreover, in preparing our students to become the bridge builders between the East and the West, we want to expose our students to oral and written Chinese, Korean, and Japanese from the very beginning so that they can gain deeper insights into the people, values, and cultures of East Asia.