The APIS education philosophy is anchored in our commitment to help our students nurture their unique talents and aid in their own personal growth. APIS is committed to establishing an extensive arts program. We offer instruction in a wide range of visual and performing arts.

APIS Performing Arts Program

Asia Pacific International School believes in a strong and thorough music education for all students. Music benefits many aspects of cognitive and emotional processing and is critical to the intellectual development of our students. Music is an important academic tool; numerous studies have shown that students exposed to an intensive music program do much better in math and reading assessments than those who do not have musical training. In addition, music is a universal language used to communicate across cultural and national barriers. In this age of globalization, it is important for our students to gain the skills to succeed in our “flat world”.

Most importantly, music is fun. The purpose and emphasis of the music program at APIS is not to make every student a professional musician. Rather, we believe that every student should learn to take pleasure in being involved in music from an early age. Not being part of it would be to miss one of God’s truly great gifts to humanity.