Technology is a main driver of economic as well as social changes in this era of globalization. We take advantage of current technology in every possible aspect of the learning experience to provide an innovative and up-to-date education in science, technology, engineering, and math. The ultimate aim of our curricular emphasis is to develop our students’ potential to become future leaders in a world where keeping up with the latest changes in science and technology is of the utmost importance.

Technology Integration at APIS

At APIS we combine current best practices in education and modern technology to create engaging and relevant learning experiences for all students. APIS strives to be at the forefront of information technology in education. We support this commitment with our state-of-the art technology infrastructure: wireless access throughout the school; the most up-to-date tech tools in all classrooms; and one-to-one computer access in our secondary school. Hand-in-hand with technology access is the expectation for our students to be responsible and ethical, digital citizens.