With its foundation deeply grounded in the Christian faith, APIS strives to provide a truly loving and caring Christian environment where students of Christian faith and students from all religious and cultural backgrounds can be nurtured together to achieve the highest possible level of intellectual and personal development. As a Christ-centered school, we espouse the following beliefs:

firefox-grayAPIS is an educational institution focused on academic excellence, intended to serve students of all faith.

APIS is committed to providing a truly loving and caring educational environment where all children, regardless of their race, religion, gender, or nationality, can be nurtured together to achieve their fullest intellectual and personal development.

firefox-grayAPIS will provide each student the opportunity to consider and accept the Christian faith in an atmosphere without pressure or the fear of disadvantage.

APIS aims to maintain an atmosphere where all members respect the personal convictions of others. Each student is ensured of the right to make his or her own decision about faith. At the same time, by choosing to matriculate in a committed Christian school, non-Christian students are expected to respect APIS’ Christian norms and practices.

Christianity at APIS

Firmly founded on the Christian faith, APIS seeks to foster the spiritual growth of its members in a loving and caring Christian environment where both Christians and non-Christians can work and learn together.We believe that an environment where both Christians and non-Christians are working and learning together is highly advantageous for all. Such an environment can, we believe, lead to a kind of spiritual growth that is more robust and enduring than would otherwise be possible in more traditional settings. For the non-Christian student, it amounts to being afforded a unique opportunity to understand the Christian faith, a movement which has been incalculably important in the shaping of world history and culture. We believe that this alone is of tremendous educational value. Lastly, for all students, this model helps equip them to successfully live and work in a very diverse and increasingly close global community.

Christian education at APIS is departmentalized, as opposed to being infused into every part of our curriculum. The Chaplain and the Spiritual Life and Education department at APIS administers to spiritual guidance and Christian education of our students. Any course offerings not led by the Spiritual Life and Education department are, by design, identical to those offered in a standard, non-religious context. In other words, the availability and opportunity to access Christian education specialists and programs set APIS apart from other secular schools..

While a plurality of worldviews is acknowledged at the school, APIS does not espouse other religious traditions. Neither have we designed the Spiritual Life & Education department to incorporate them in our spiritual life and practice. We do encourage all students and staff to pursue spiritual life and knowledge, but to this end, the school does not endorse or offer as part of our program practices grounded in religious traditions other than Christianity. This we see as essential to maintaining clarity in the theological position of the school.