• 01
    Global Network
    of Campuses
    APIS currently has two global campuses - APIS Hawai‘i in Hau‘ula, O‘ahu and APIS Seoul in South Korea. APIS students are able to take advantage of our global campus network and pursue, quite literally, our school’s mission of bridging the gap between East and West.
  • 02
    Personalized and
    Education for the future is no longer viable at a mega-school with a factory-like education system. Instead, as a small school by design, each child is cared for individually.
  • 03
    College Success
    All our students graduate to go to universities in Hawai‘i, on the Mainland, and around the world. In 2018, 11% of our students matriculated to the top 10 universities around the world, while another 80% managed to secure spots within the world’s top 30 universities.
  • 04
    The Hibiscus Model of
    APIS Education
    The 21st century demands new ways of thinking towards education. The Hibiscus model is the APIS way of preparing our students for the New Pacific Century, with deliberate choices and emphasizing the following three domains: Core Curricular Emphases, Key Character Strengths, and New Pacific Century Skills and Dispositions.
  • 05
    Emphasis on Building
    East Asian Competencies
    The rise of Asia and the relationship between the East and the West will play a critical role in shaping the New Pacific Century. APIS has a fully articulated K-12 foreign language program in which students can take Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.
  • 06
    New Pacific
    Century Academy
    Every year, our middle school students are given the opportunity to participate in a month-long project-based learning camp at our Seoul campus in South Korea.
  • 07
    Learning Environment
    APIS students are able to explore and have limitless imaginations using our state-of-the-art music and dance studio, cooking labs, a makerspace, and 97-acres of rich Hawaiian land.
  • 08
    Opportunities to Shine
    All of our students participate in student-led clubs, and the majority of our students play one or more sports and are members of a musical ensemble. Our small school environment encourages student involvement and entrepreneurship.