Christianity at APIS

As a Christian faith-based school, APIS strives to provide a truly loving and caring environment. Students from all religious and cultural backgrounds will be nurtured to achieve the highest possible level of intellectual and personal development. Centered around Christ, we uphold the following beliefs:

APIS is an educational institution focused on academic excellence, intended to serve students of all faith. APIS is committed to providing a truly loving and caring educational environment where all children, regardless of their race, religion, gender, or nationality, can be nurtured together to achieve their fullest intellectual and personal development.

APIS will provide each student the opportunity to consider and accept the Christian faith in an atmosphere without pressure or the fear of disadvantage. APIS aims to maintain an atmosphere where all members respect the personal convictions of others. Each student is ensured of the right to make his or her own decision about faith. At the same time, by choosing to matriculate in a committed Christian school, non-Christian students are expected to respect APIS’ Christian norms and practices.