Core Curricular Emphases

We believe literacy and fluency in the following four curricular or content areas are critical for readiness in the New Pacific Century.

East Asian Studies

The rising significance of East Asia in the global context is one of the key drivers behind the emergence of the New Pacific Century. Equipped with cross-cultural communication and empathy skills, APIS students will learn to fluently “code switch” between East and West.

Performing and Visual Arts

Arts benefit many aspects of cognitive and emotional processing and are critical to developing New Pacific Century competencies. Performing and visual arts are one of the most effective ways of nurturing empathy, self-expression, aesthetic perspectives, as well as creativity.

(Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

Advances in STEM have been eliminating many traditional jobs performed by humans - replacing them with opportunities which favor skills and expertise in STEM. With a strong background in STEM, APIS students prepare for future careers and opportunities that do not yet exist.

Spiritual Growth

As a Christian faith-based school, APIS seeks to foster the spiritual growth of our students in a loving and caring environment. We believe that a life of the highest calling is to pursue the passion God has planted in our hearts.