New Pacific Century Skills & Dispositions

Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Citizenship are skills that are essential for success in the New Pacific Century. They cut across content and extend beyond the academic standards. Innovation and creativity are sewn into each category, as students will need to be producers, taking an active role in the world to be successful global citizens. 


Communication is the foundation of human interaction. To become globally competent citizens, our students master a wide variety of communication tools, including multiple languages, technology, and interpersonal skills. When we foster self-expression in these ways, our students can share their knowledge, experience, and themselves with the world.


The challenges of the New Pacific Century can not be solved in isolation and require students who understand the value of collaboration. Through collaboration, students are responsible for their learning while expanding ideas and connecting and contributing to the global community. The ability to work successfully in a team, whether in a classroom with peers or around the world via technology, is necessary for future careers.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking, creative thinking, and problem solving are keys to learning today and to taking on the challenges of the future. Rather than learning rote skills, students prepare to tackle problems in new and innovative ways to make meaningful contributions to society. As students face the unknown future, these are the skills that will help them to adapt and excel.


No amount of technology will ever replace the value of human connection. Citizenship is based on valuing others, contributing to the community, and taking ownership and responsibility for our world. Nurturing our students as individuals and helping them to develop this ownership for their community builds well-rounded future leaders.