Key Character Strengths

Our students’ character will be foundational to their success in the New Pacific Century. The following four character strengths are named after our school’s acronym, APIS: Aspiration, Perseverance, Integrity and Selflessness.


We are pioneers who hold the highest expectations for ourselves as well as for each other. We dare to dream what others sometimes may think impossible. Those who aspire to the highest goals believe in human potential and have a fundamentally optimistic outlook on life and for humanity.


We believe in a growth mindset. Meaningful success is only possible through effort. We press on knowing that every failure is a step closer to success.


We strive for honesty and truthfulness guided by our conviction of what is honorable. Because we are not perfect, the measure of one’s integrity is also shown when we do something wrong; we own up to our mistakes and correct our actions.


We strive to lead a life of the highest passion in service of others, contributing to the betterment of humanity. As the ultimate example of selflessness, Jesus Christ died on the cross to pay for our sins.